Artificial Intelligence Capability Survey

Mapping the AI ecosystem in New Zealand


This survey seeks to collect and collate information to assist in the development of an online Artificial Intelligence (AI) Capability Mapping Tool for the AI ecosystem in New Zealand.

This research is being led by AiLab together with the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and aims to identify companies, institutions and projects that make use of AI-based tools and techniques and the associated AI capabilities of the organisations/institutions. The results of this survey (the AI capabilities) will be mapped (categorised) to help drive informed decision making for AI investment, policies and strategies e.g., the recently announced NZ National AI Strategy.

We invite organisations in New Zealand from the private and public sectors to participate. By participating in the survey you are directly stimulating community engagement and exposing AI capabilities that will help attract investment and resources to grow the AI capability in New Zealand.

** The survey deadline has been extended and will remain open until Friday 9th July 2021. **

Outcomes of the survey

This survey aims to be the most comprehensive and unique mapping of the AI ecosystem within New Zealand. The data collected in the survey will help identify and track current AI capabilities across NZ. The resultant online map of the AI ecosystem in New Zealand will showcase organisations AI capabilities, while also highlighting vital investment opportunities. The system will also provide decision makers with an accessible online tool that provides up-to-date AI capability information that help inform impactful decisions around the future of AI in NZ.

Survey Instructions

The AI Capability survey consists of 5 short sections and should take between 5-15 minutes to complete. Once you have started the survey, your progress is automatically saved and you can return to your submission at any time to complete the questions.

Part 1 of the survey asks high-level information about the organisation that has AI capabilities, and Parts 2 and 3 seeks information about the AI capabilities (including specific AI projects). Part 4 (optional) provides an opportunity to highlight AI opportunities, and Part 5 allows you to provide any additional information you think is important for the future of AI in New Zealand.

Need Help?

If you have any questions about this survey or need further help, please message AiLab at AUT via our online contact form.

Privacy: Data Usage

To protect privacy, this survey contains two different types of questions:

  1. Questions which provide data that is used in the online AI Capability Mapping Tool; and
  2. Questions which provide additional, supporting information to help correctly categorise the AI capabilities.

Examples of both types of questions are provided below with more details. Please also read the Artificial Intelligence Capability Survey Privacy Statement in our Privacy Policy.


Example Questions

Data from questions marked with the locked padlock icon are private and WILL NOT be publicly displayed in the online mapping tool.

Data from questions marked with the unlocked padlock icon are used in the publicly available online mapping tool.

To start the NZ AI Capability Mapping survey, please enter your contact details. After entering your contact details, a link to your submission will be emailed to you (which will allow you to resume the survey if you are unable to complete it in one sitting). NOTE: This data WILL NOT be used in the online mapping tool (please see our Privacy Policy for full details).

By continuing with the AI Capability Mapping Survey, you confirm you have read and agree to the full Privacy Policy.